Bonnie spotting the client as they use a medicine ballBonnie training client on agility ladder

Are you looking for a fun and motivating workout, right here in Northwest Houston, then look no more! Bonnie, with Fitbodz, is here to change your mind about fitness and staying healthy! Every new client will go through these steps to ensure your success!

You and I, as a partnership, will identify and set your goals. From there we will make sure you reach every goal you set!

I will take your opinion of working out as being a tedious job, into an hour of fun and sweat that you look forward to!

It is my passion to make my workouts tailored to you: fun, challenging, safe, and motivating!

No matter where you are, I can be there! Want to work outside? In the great outdoors? No problem! Need a trainer for your corporate office, I can be there. Have a group of friends or a spouse you want to train with? I provide group training that is tailored to each person. This helps to create a fun, safe environment for everyone! If you're ready to take your fitness goals to the next level, then contact Bonnie now, and start making your body feel great!